Competitive Edge

Focus on power adapters, chargers and bare plates, with a small variety of industrial standard power as the target market, the majority of small and medium customers are our main services, and therefore, GodMobi must have flexible production, planned inventory, and globalized access to meet the different power supply for multi industry applications. Demand.

In 2018, GodMobi has successfully launched more than 120 standard models, with a wide range of products, including billboard / lighting, industrial automation / industrial control, information / communications / commercial, medical, transportation, and green energy industries.

In addition to the various customer needs, in addition to providing an omni-directional power solution for standardized products, "flexible diversity, rapid selection, new machine customization", the GodMobi service "three swordsman" can save the client's new product development and verification.
And cost, and then get the market.

Gimo upholds the concept of "Power Partner" and insists on providing the best quality power products and services.