Manufacturing Supervisor

Working conditions
1. Education: Undergraduate Electronic or electrical or related department
2. Experience: More than one year of relevant work experience, positive and outgoing personality, good at communication and coordination
3. Skills: Certain technical foundation of electronics and electricians, skilled in computer and office software operation
4. Personality traits: can work overtime, high stress resistance, strong learning ability, initiative and responsibility, good planning and communication skills.
Job content
1. Daily on-site management (quality, efficiency, due date) and statistics of various production reports, process planning, personnel scheduling, skills training, etc.
Referenced treatment
Preparations: Intelligence and basic electricity are required for an interview
Power Maintenance Engineer
Working conditions
1. Education: Bachelor degree, major in electronics (Electronic Science and technology, electronic information engineering, electronic information science and technology, automation).
2. experience: power supply product maintenance experience, no experience, excellent fresh graduates preferred.
3. skills: English can be basic communication, reading materials, computer and office software operation skillfully; able to use oscillograph and other measuring instruments skillfully; the base of digital and modular electricity is good.
4. personality traits: steady personality, positive and upward attitude, willing to start from the grass roots, strong adaptability and teamwork spirit, and can work overtime.
Job content
1. responsible for the maintenance of defective products on the production line
2. PQA data landing and analysis
3. feedback on products, materials and processing problems
4. improvement on the problem of tracking and feedback
5. maintenance and maintenance of production equipment
6. other related maintenance work
Referenced treatment
Preparations: Interviews require tests, intelligence tests, basic electrics
Quality Control Engineer
Working conditions
1. Bachelor degree in electronics, electrical engineering. Skilled in soldering iron, oscilloscope, multimeter, etc.
2, familiar with QC seven major techniques, electronic manufacturing enterprise process operation;
3. Personality traits: good communication skills, careful working and strong execution ability.
4. Experience in manufacturing quality management in related electronic manufacturing enterprises is preferred.
Job content
1, responsible for semi finished products, electrical functions, process inspection and validation;
2. Responsible for process checking, problem improvement and cross related communication.
3, responsible for the analysis and improvement of bad problems, customer complaints, customer retreats and so on.
Referenced treatment